DAEMON Tools Lite

Organize ways to understand file formats without the use of a CD burner

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DAEMON Tools Lite
DAEMON Tools Lite 4.40.0311

DAEMON Tools is a Windows program that creates virtual devices and mounts images.

DAEMON Tools is a powerful program for Windows that lets you create and manage virtual devices. A virtual device is, for instance, a virtual drive that the OS recognizes as a physical device but is actually an interface pointing to a file on another device. These files are often called images, and they feature a directory and a collection of files just like a BD, DVD, or CD does.

DAEMON Tools doesn’t stop at reading image files. It lets you create them either by copying a disc or making them manually. You can edit images, and you can even use this program to burn images to disc via your Blu-ray, DVD or CD writer.

You can create, tweak, and discard virtual devices as needed. You can also maintain virtual devices so that they load with Windows and are available to you at all times. DAEMON Tools is even able to emulate various protection mechanisms. Therefore, if a CD you want to copy has copy protection, you simply copy everything as is, and Windows will be unaware that the image isn’t an actual physical disc.

It’s worth mentioning that these features don’t exist just to steal software. In fact, if you wanted to steal a game or whatnot, there are easier and faster ways to do it than with DAEMON Tools. Rather, this is a powerful tool for people who actually own the software. Let’s say you own a disc that can no longer be replaced. Rather than risk damage to the disc, you burn an image of it and access that instead.

There’s not a lot to complain about when it comes to DAEMON Tools. One issue is that the UI isn’t standard to Windows and it sticks out like a sore thumb. It isn’t a bad UI and whether this deviation bothers you comes down to personal preference. Additionally, most users usually won’t access DAEMON Tools via the central UI but rather through context menus, such as right-clicking a virtual drive in the system tray in order to mount or dismount an image.


  • Manage virtual devices
  • Mount and dismount images
  • Emulate protections


  • UI doesn’t conform to Windows

With Daemon Tools, users can create and manage disc images of physical media. These "virtual discs" are accessed directly from your hard drive and run as if mounted on a standard disc drive.

Daemon Tools is invaluabe for those who do not have a disc drive or who want to emulate more drives on their computers. The program can emulate all kinds of DVD, CD, and Blu-ray media, creating image files that are stored on a hard drive just like any other file format. The user can select one of these files, typically created as an ISO or MDS format, and easily mount it as a virtual drive with this handy disc utility. They can then unmount the file when finished. You can keep an entire library of commonly used disc images on a hard drive as long as your hard drive has ample free space.

The distinctive name for the utility, Daemon is actually an acronym that stands for Disk And Execution Monitor Tools. While creating and mounting images of physical media is the primary function of the tool, there are a number of advanced features that can be accessed to edit and organize images. The user-friendly interface ensures that these additional functions are accessed with the click of a button. You can edit the title of the image, password protect it for an extra layer of security, or compress what is often a huge file size to something more manageable on your small hard drive. There are even options to split the image into user-defined chunks.

Convenience has always been the driving force behind Daemon Tools. Instead of having a work surface covered in DVDs, you can create and manage disc images of your most commonly used physical media, while cleaning up your desk and quickly mounting a virtual disc at any time. You are freed from constantly inserting and ejecting discs. Daemon Tools also possesses a powerful user interface that delivers superb functionality for any level of user.

The handy disc utility comes in several flavors, focusing either on simplicity of use or versatility through the addition of advanced features. For example, the Lite version enables the creation of simple disc images, while the Pro Advanced edition comes with all of the comprehensive management and customization utilities required to make Daemon Tools a contender for a top drive imaging application.

The Pros

  • Reduces clutter by keeping virtual discs organized on a hard drive
  • Disc images are used in place of DVD's, CD's, and Blu-ray discs
  • Accesses images faster than an actual disc drive
  • Creates image files in many formats
  • Edits and manage disc images
  • Uses very little system resources
  • Compresses images
  • Encrypts disc images for added security

The Cons

  • May not have the advanced tools unless you purchase the Pro edition
  • Maximum of 4 virtual devices
  • Occasional instability issues
  • Must restart computer after installation

Ultimately, Daemon Tools is an impressive combination of functionality and simplicity. It is the standard tool for disc imaging.

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